So, are all disabled artists alike?

Erm, no. Our artists are an eclectic bunch of people, from
all walks of life, all corners of the UK. (Literally from Powys and Cardiff to
Gloucestershire, Somerset, the Midlands, Surrey and Suffolk.) They are united
in their love of art; in the need to be creative, to keep progressing and
honing their skills day after day. However, beyond that they are a blend of
individuals as different as you can find. Some loud, some reserved, some
lacking confidence and some brimming with energy! They are all artists with
disabilities but their experiences of disability are very different. From a life-long
learning disability to the neuro-degenerative impact of living with Parkinson’s
disease, being “disabled” is not the same for any two people, even when they
have a common diagnosis.

Art Rabble is about the artists as much as the art. We want
people to hear our artist’s stories; the uplifting, the dark, the hilarious.
These are the stories that make up our artists lives. They give context to the
artwork you see on our site, bring understanding of a condition you may not
have encountered before and, hopefully, they bring you hope. Hope that every
day we are one step closer to a more open, inclusive society where everyone is
valued. For the benefit of all. So, please, dally a little more on our site,
read, explore. It’s lovely to meet you.