Collection: Ella Evenson

“I have mosaic Downs Syndrome, a rare type of [Down's Syndrome], and it makes me determined.”

Ella is our youngest artists by far, at just twelve years old. Our focus is generally on adults, however, for Ella, we thought we’d make an exception. Having Mosaic Down’s Syndrome means that things can take longer for Ella to complete but we think you’ll agree that Ella’s work is definitely worth the wait. There is an optimism within Ella's artwork that is really uplifting.  Ella’s work, and her story, are ones you will feel compelled to share, time and time again.

Disabled artist, Ella Walker working in her studio. Ella has downs syndrome. Her eyes are down, working on a painting.Disabled artist, Ella Evenson proudly showing off her artwork. Big smile.

Ella is open to experimenting with a range of new techniques and styles; using acrylics, water colours and alcohol inks in her work.  She enjoys abstract art and is inspired by David Hockney and Patrick Heron. She also enjoys visiting and exploring art galleries, most typically the Barber Institute in Birmingham and the Herbert Gallery in Coventry, near where she lives.

Ella describes how her art makes her feel happy and calm. She talks happily to her Mum as she works on each piece, patiently honing her skill. Ella loves selling her work and hopes one day to be able to buy her own home. The confidence she has gained through selling her work has also enabled her to make positive contributions to others, raising money for both Down's Syndrome Awareness month and also the Australian Bush fire crisis.

“I feel very happy and proud that I have started selling my artwork. It means my determination and love for painting is in lots of people’s homes. I love my paintings around the world.”