Collection: Michelle Baharier

Michelle Baharier is an acclaimed, socially engaged, visual artist. Her style is strongly influenced by her experience of disability and she has spent many years advocating inclusion and the necessity to remove social barriers to disabled people. She has experienced mental health challenges first hand and also struggles with the hurdles she faces because of dyslexia.

People just think I’m thick.

Michelle has exhibited widely, most recently with the South London Women Artists at Amp Gallery and also at the WOW festival in Royal Festival Hall. Michelle’s style is bold and unflinching. She is keen to explore the inner conflicts of the human condition, the extremes of self-love and hate, hope and despair. The vulnerabilities which she lays bare in her work are motivated by a deep need to celebrate individuality and imperfection and, by doing so, build a better world.

Disabled artist, michelle baharier poses for a picture in her home surrounded by her artwork