Collection: Sue Trickey

Sue is partially deaf and has struggled with mental health challenges throughout her life. Art was introduced to Sue as a means of coping with anxiety and depression. She had always enjoyed art but never had the opportunity to explore it before. Doing so gave her “head space” in a way that nothing else had and allowed her to build her mental resilience.  This was tested by tragedy, when Sue lost her eldest son in a road traffic accident eight years ago. The overwhelming grief was almost too much to bear and Sue recognises that in these dark months, it was her art, the focus and the outlet it gave her, which sustained her.

"Art has become a vital part of my life and is part of the person I am."

Sue’s earlier works were created using watercolour and ink. She then moved on to explore mixed media and The Confetti Fields uses acrylics. Sue enjoys experimenting with different styles and techniques and would like to do more plein-air painting in the future. As a deaf artist, Sue will sometimes find herself unable to hear and engage in social situations. Carrying around a small sketch pad has been a wonderful way of over-coming this, transforming what is initially a frustrating and upsetting situation into one where she can create, positively.