Collection: Clive Mealin

Clive remembers first really painting whilst visiting the Victoria Centre, an adult education centre in Gravesend. That was some time ago and he is now an avid member of the National Autistic Society art group, Artrack.  Over time his skills have developed markedly, he has grown considerably in confidence, and has begun to enjoy the opportunity to visit, and also participate, in exhibitions.  He takes great interest in visiting new places and will often visit London with his sketchbook.

Disabled artist, clive mealin  hard at work in the studioDisabled artist, clive mealin  hard at work in the studio

Clive is also a great music fan. He enjoys sharing music with his fellow artists at Artrack whilst painting. Some of his current favourites include Paul Simon, Jean-Michel Jarre and Eric Clapton. Clive says that it simply feels nice to know that people like his work and would like it in their home. He would like to experiment more with acrylics and oils and will, most likely, use the money from Art Rabble to buy art materials.