Collection: Ella Walker

Ella faces a number of mental health challenges but has found that practicing art, as a coping strategy, has been extremely helpful. Ella takes every opportunity to be in nature, connecting with the world around her, this has the affect of slowing her mind down to focus upon the finer details; to see and appreciate more. Ella also uses her art to process feelings or events, following on from periods of self-reflection and conversations with friends. A salve to a busy mind.

I struggle with my mental health; I have anxiety, which makes going out and interacting with people challenging, and depression, which makes functioning day-to-day difficult.

Disabled artist, ella walker in the garden with a sketchpad. Pen in hand, smiling.Disabled artist, ella walker in the garden with a sketchpad. Pen in hand, smiling.

Ella’s favourite piece of work is that of her grandparents dancing. It is so special because it reminds her of a precious time, together. Family is very important to Ella and she is very keen to highlight how supportive her family have been in encouraging her to pursue and develop her artistic skills.

Being able to share my work, and find that others value, and enjoy, the art that I so enjoy creating, and that has a positive impact on my own well-being, feels wonderful.