Collection: Fionn Crombie Angus

Fionn was introduced to many different artistic mediums when he was at a Waldorf Steiner school in Ireland. Then, soon after he left the school, he began collaborating with other artists, graduating to solo exhibitions in his twenties. He describes how he loves to surprise himself and audiences with unexpected creations and that he feels a sort of responsibility to share his thoughts with others.

Disabled artist Fionn in art studio looking into cameraFionnathan, father and son artists (Fionn has downs syndrome) on a speed boat happy.

Never one to be put in a box, to feel limited by others preconceived ideas, especially about “disability”, Fionn is a social entrepreneur who champions inclusion and leaps at every opportunity that comes his way.

Fionn loves monsters. Horror is his favourite film genre, whether classic black and white creatures, or modern fair. He has a particular interest in the giant monsters, Kaijus.

“I think I identify with monsters, because society sometimes pushes people with disabilities to the edges, and disability itself is a common fear. In the best stories, the monster has something to teach, if people have the courage to listen.”

Fionn often collaborates we his father Jonathan, producing works under the name Fionnathan. Together, they rent some studio space in what used to be an institution for people with intellectual disabilities. Fionn is aware of the irony of the buildings use, and considers it a positive change that he now uses the space to help him travel his own, self-directed life journey. The studio can be messy but Fionn likes his workspace to be neat. Coffee breaks sustain father and son as they collaborate on their artwork, sometimes breaking for a walk in the woods.

Fionn feels really great when his work sells. He feels his ideas and artwork are truly valued, a massive high-five for his self-esteem.  He feels his contribution is taken much more seriously within the arts sphere because disability isn’t seen as a limitation in this space, in some ways it can be an advantage, as people are more interested and open to new, unique voices and experiences. Fionn would like to keep exploring, travelling and shouting about inclusion and personal independence, so his earnings will be spent on all of these things. Although a little will also be saved for the “great” house he would like to buy for himself one day!

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