Collection: Tazia Fawley

At 52, Tazia Fawley, from Somerset, has been painting for most of her life. Covid has changed the way Tazia is able to live her life but her art has proven an unshakeable constant amidst so many changes.  Tazia paints daily, mostly from photographs, but also enjoys sketching and ceramics. She has a passion for seascapes and has exhibited her work in exhibitions in London, New York and Manchester. Tazia describes herself as an artist who just happens to have Down’s Syndrome and hopes that her work (and her success as an artist) will challenge the limiting stereotypes of people with Down’s Syndrome.

Tazia’s work is vibrant and alive, she takes great care when mixing colours and creating unusual combinations. She generally uses acrylics, finding them well suited to her style.

“I'm not trying to copy anyone else, I paint because I love it and it makes me very happy.”

One of Tazia’s proudest moments was when her painting, “Rupert Flies Over the Clifton Suspension Bridge” was accepted by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, to hang in the nursery of their then-new-born son, Prince George. The couple were touched by the kindness of the gesture and impressed by the talent and hard work that had gone into creating such a piece.

Disabled artist, tazia fawley  hard at work creating artwork for the art rabble websiteDisabled artist, tazia fawley  hard at work creating artwork for the art rabble website