Collection: James Tortice

James is our youngest Art Rabble artist but what a talent he is! James has a dual diagnosis of Autism and ADHD.  This has made attending school a challenge. Art has proven to be a wonderful outlet for James; he has used his skills to raise money for his local ADHD group in West Yorkshire, as well as £2,000 for a friend with neuroblastoma. Knowing that he has agency, that he can use his art to help others and make change, is a great source of pride. It also gives James ambition to keep painting and drawing, using his skills to promote good causes. (And, he’s only ten!) The world needs more people like James and we are extremely proud to have him on our team at Art Rabble.

 Disabled artist James Tortice smiling into the camera on a sunny beach. James has brown dishevelled hair, a blue jumper with a neon yellow adidas symbol on it.

Many young people like James feel very isolated and find it difficult to form friendships. James’ ADHD group are very conscious of this and organise social events for James and his peers. James also tries to keep fit and healthy, enjoying attending his local Para-climbing club in Leeds and enjoying paddle boarding in the summer months.

Art Rabble Christmas Cards

We all want to do our bit to help others at Christmas and buying charity Christmas cards is a great way to do this. However, not all "charity" cards are as generous as others. Many popular supermarket cards contribute only a fraction of their proceeds to charity. At Art Rabble, we try to give as much as we possibly can back to our artists; currently this is 50p out of every £3. We do this because we want disabled artists to be paid generously for their skills and effort.

We would like to pay our artists a larger amount but while major retailers benefit from economies of scale, for us small print runs are costly and delivery (as a percentage of sale value) is high. However, with the continued support of our lovely customers, we hope we can increase volume over time, therefore lowering our costs.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our Christmas cards - we hope you love them. We are so proud of the work our artists do, if you can help us spread the word, all the better! Happy Christmas to all.

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