Collection: Ceridwen Powell

Ceridwen came to art unexpectedly in her twenties, when using a mental health day hospital. She found this first experience of art to be both cathartic and joyful. Encouraged by her friends, she realised that art could help her explore her own feelings, and provide a purpose and source of confidence. She now lives in Montgomeryshire where she wonders at the beauty of her surroundings and tries to incorporate the colours she sees in the landscape into her artwork. She hasn’t the space to have her own studio but can often be found in the corner of her living room, listening to music, coffee in-hand, painting. Art sustained Ceridwen through some challenging times in her life and has led her to want to encourage others into art. She now helps to run a disability-led art group in her local area.

disabled artist Ceridwen Powell painting artwork at home in studio photograph of Disabled artist, Ceridwen feeding her horses. She is looking down, concentrating on the horses.

Ceridwen’s style is mostly non-representational; she does not draw objects or scenes from life, instead her paintings are a complex web of her emotional expression.  Her pieces are often focussed upon issues around her disability, her responses to these experiences. In this way, Ceridwen’s notes on each piece give a rare and illuminating glimpse into her reality as a disabled artist.

Ceridwen is always very pleased to sell her artwork as she feels that it means her work has ‘spoken’ to someone else. She takes great pride in creating this connection and is really touched to know her work is enjoyed.