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Together, Greeting Card

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Ella is an artist living in Surrey. Ella struggles with her mental health, balancing high levels of anxiety and depression on a daily basis. This stops her doing the things she wants to do, including interacting with other people and visiting new places. However, art has proven an anchor that gives Ella both purpose and an escape. Through art she is able to slow her whirring mind, reflect upon what she can achieve and move steadily forward, one day at a time. Likewise, being able to share her work through Art Rabble and see that people appreciate and enjoy it, gives Ella enormous pride.

Ella has always been very interested in animals, their place in our lives and how we value them. "I love watching the foxes in the garden, the contrast in looking beautiful and majestic one minute, then playful and goofy the next, they have such character and just make me smile, so naturally I wanted to capture a little of that in my art."

Ella's Christmas card is printed on high-quality 330gsm Fedrigoni card.