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The Confetti Fields, Framed Canvas

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Sue is partially deaf and relies heavily upon lip-reading and hearing aids. She will often find herself at the edge of social situations, struggling to hear, unable to participate as she would like to. This can lead to much frustration and has been a factor in some of the mental health challenges she has faced over the years. Art has enabled Sue to express herself in a way she feels she is unable to with words. 

The Confetti Fields, was inspired by a visit to the Confetti Fields in Pershore. The gardens are only open once a year, the many fields of delphiniums ultimately being harvested to make natural confetti. Sue arrived keen to try some plein air painting.

"I planted myself in middle of a field of mixed colour flowers hoping to capture something of the atmosphere and beauty of this unique landscape. Unfortunately it was not the sunny day that I had hoped for but I hope that the brilliant colours against the cloudy sky, contrasted well."

We think they did!

The Confetti Fields is giclée printed on a 38mm stretched canvas within a deep picture frame. The frame around the canvas creates a gallery style piece of art. The frame also sits approximately 5mm from the edge of the canvas creating a floating border. The end result is a piece of art with real impact.