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Faces, Framed Canvas

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Michael has been a member of Artrack, an art group run by the National Autistic Society, for twenty years! He has a real talent for portraits and enjoys working with vibrant colours. Faces began as a collage in which Michael collected elements together that he was drawn to. He then drew the eclectic composition in his signature style, using ink on paper.  The final result is a bold, eye-catching piece of work which will enthrals all who see it. Artwork to talk about indeed!

Our framed canvas is a 38mm stretched canvas within a modern, deep, picture frame. The simple addition of the frame around the canvas creates a completely new form of wall art, quite distinct to a standard canvas or traditional framing behind glass. The frame also sits approximately 5mm from the edge of the canvas helping create a floating border. This gallery style framing is really special, you will love it!