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Aberfalls, Greeting Card

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Sarah has Irlen syndrome and Dyslexia, this means that she struggles to process visual information. This is something Sarah has learnt to better understand and manage. However, the unkindness and bullying she suffered as a child because of these challenges, stay with her today. Sarah is working very hard to overcome low self-esteem, anxiety and depression. She has a portfolio of work she (and we at Art Rabble!) are very proud of. Sarah hopes that selling her work with Art Rabble will give her the confidence to hold her head high, as she begins to build her own future as an artist.

Sarah has always been drawn to art and photography. She enjoys the interplay of colour, texture and pattern. Aberfalls was taken in the very early morning; the path of the sun had not yet reached the falls. Sarah had worried that she had arrived too early to take a good shot but then, as if to make her day, out broke the sunlight, bathing the falls in colour. Aberfalls is printed on high-quality 330gsm Fedrigoni card.