Oh my, things are getting quite exciting!

We have two new artists on the horizon which I am enormously excited about. I’m excited because they are fabulous artists, and it is great to be able to offer buyers really varied pieces of artwork to hang in their homes. But I am also really excited because the word is spreading about Art Rabble. The aim of this plucky little start-up is to really promote the skills of disabled artists; to make people reconsider how they see people with disabilities and recognise their skill. I really feel this is a step in that direction. So, here’s to introducing Michelle Baharier and Ella Walker…

One of those days by Michelle BahrarierDid you clap for the NHS by Michelle Bahrarier. Anatomical heart painted in dark red and black. Very moody piece.

Michelle has had a number of her own solo exhibitions. Her painting’s explore the many inner conflicts of our human condition; showcasing extremes of self-love, hope and unease. Her artwork is colourful, bold and thought-provoking. They are pieces to be shared and talked about, a feast for the senses. Michelle also knows the disability arts scene from the inside as she has had her own mental health struggles and, even in adulthood, feels the frequent rebuttal of a world that does not understand nor accept (without judgement) people with dyslexia.

Ella Walker artwork showing a very happy looking golden retriever. Beautiful attention to detail, you can see almost each individual piece of fly-away fur.

Ella Walker is an artist living in Surrey. She is inspired by a love of animals, nature and people. Her work is light and bright with a skill for capturing the emotion within a situation. Ella has a number of mental health challenges, including anxiety and depression. However, Ella’s artwork has a great way of grounding her, giving her the space and time to process feelings and master her anxieties. Ella spoke candidly about what it means to her to be part of Art Rabble and sell her work.

Being able to share my work, and find that others value, and enjoy, the art that I so enjoy creating, and that has a positive impact on my own well-being, feels wonderful and helps increase confidence and motivation.

We are so pleased Ella and Michelle have chosen to join our rabble. Our artists are what get us out of bed every morning. Thank you both – and welcome!

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