Is Art Rabble a charity?

Art Rabble is very proud to be a social enterprise. This is a plucky, new breed of business which has much in common with traditional charities but strives to be self-funded and maintain its own independence. What this means is that whilst our primary aim is to make a positive social impact (in our case this is to reward and champion disabled artists), we do not seek donations or undertake fundraising. Our aim is for Art Rabble to sell products to generate income. In this way we are not trying to please or secure donors but instead focus all our energies on creating quality products which sell on their own merits. We can be adaptable and dynamic, embracing new technologies, launching new products and testing new platforms swiftly, for the benefit of our Art Rabble community.

As with charities, profit made by Art Rabble is re-invested into the company, rather than falling into the pocket of an individual. The aim is to grow the social enterprise to represent more artists and offer more work for sale. It would be wonderful to create a brand which is recognised within the mainstream for representing the valuable contribution of artists with disabilities to the arts.

I suppose the point of this blog post is to reassure people that whilst we are not a charity, our primary goal is not to make profit or rip people off, but to create a positive social impact; for our artists and for everyone we come into contact with.

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