I am positively buzzing (Bzzzzz...)

Three of the newest Art Rabble prototypes have just arrived at my doorstep and I am truly over the moon. I felt like a small child opening the parcels; feeling an almost physical knot of anxiety, combined with a frenzied need to get into the parcel as soon as possible! I was not disappointed.

Sophie Wardle, Devils Chimney on black shelf, next to a plat and gold watering can.

The framed canvas prints are more beautiful than I had even hoped. They are made from really sturdy wood. Good chunky frames which are bold and yet sleek at the same time. It’s the kind of style you would find in an art gallery, the artwork looks important. Not like something you could pick up in Ikea or John Lewis!

Beyond thrilled. I am so proud of the work our artists have produced and how kick-ass it will look on walls up and down the country, no in fact around the world. The giclee printing techniques give amazing representations of the original; the textures are rich and deep. Lush, lovely, so happy.

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