Goldy in a new guise...?

Well, this has been an interesting couple of weeks. Various people have told me that they love our artists work and everything Art Rabble stands for but haven’t got enough wall space (or money) to keep buying framed prints. So, what can we offer supporters that is a) cheaper and b) still supports and celebrates our disabled artists. Drum roll please…luxury notepads! Who doesn’t need a glorious, luxe notepad to throw down to-do lists in or diarise life’s ups and downs? Everyone needs exactly this, you cry.

So I have been busy.

It has been somewhat more difficult than I anticipated. Not being from a design background, I have spent hours poring over images of notepads, trying to identify what sets apart the average notepad from the super lush notepad. I’ve then spent a few more hours playing around with our artists work to see how we can stay true to the artistic vision and original composition, whilst wrapping it around a notepad – no easy task, believe me!

Two weeks on I am waiting for the first test run to arrive. I have used Ella Walker's fabulous Goldy. A fish with attitude, I think you’d agree. I am near bursting with excitement whilst also wriggly and nervous. What to do if it doesn’t work out? Have I done Ella’s artwork justice??

There’s not much to do but sit on my hands and wait for it to arrive. Wish me luck. Patience is not my thing.

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