Free chocolate?

A while back I decided I should try to get a bit better at road biking. I was doing a triathlon and whilst I could ride a bike with big chunky wheels, I was not looking forward to the prospect of having to “race” around a track on wheels that were thinner than my calves. So, I did what all good procrastinators do when faced with an unappealing task, I went online and bought some new cycling gear (mental tick) and then left the bike in the garage. However, that task avoidance yielded an unexpected surprise…When my snazzy new cycling gear arrived, the fact that I looked a bit like a distended sausage in my all in one short and vest combo (really not the most flattering), was smoothed out by a small packet of Haribo which had been thrown in, to give a boost on my ride. Someone far away in an office was wishing me a good ride, sending positive vibes all the way to my inner lazy bones. Well, what a nice thought! Wholly unnecessary; the gear fit and would do the job as intended. But I had an extra bit of bounce in my step as, the day after, I waddled out to the garage, dusted off my bike and got in the saddle (Haribo in my pocket). Small things can make a difference.

When you buy a picture from Art Rabble, you may not know the artist personally, but please be assured that your purchase means a great deal to them & makes a big difference to them. You will be putting a spring in their step, some wind in their sails and giving them the confidence to keep painting.

I will also send you a free bar of chocolate (just a small one) to say “thank you”. Because I really am very thankful to all of our Art Rabble customers and supporters.

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