Elevating the "Gift Game" this Christmas with Art Rabble

This Christmas I wanted to create thoughtful but useful gifts. After much deliberation, and many false starts, I've come up with the Goldy and Forever Flamingos notebooks. More than just chic stationery (which they definitely are), they're a way for buyers to support and share the Art Rabble cause, empowering artists with disabilities. As with all of our products the artists receive a generous cut of the profits, money in their bank accounts, to spend as they wish. We want the skills of disabled artists to be recognised and for those very artists to receive the rewards of their efforts.

The Goldy notepad is by Ella Walker, an artist who lives with anxiety and depression. It celebrates the creative skill of individuals overcoming challenges and is a high five to every small step on their journey to better mental health. I also think that Goldy (the fish) is a spunky, rather cool character, to grace a notebook. An admirable wingman of sorts.

The Forever Flamingos notepad is by James Tortice, a young artist with the dual diagnosis of Autism and ADHD. His gregarious birds will bring a sense of the playful to your scribbles or note-making & brighten the dullest of days.

Both notepads offer high-quality 90gsm paper, with a matt cover. Rather romantically, I hope that Goldy and Forever Flamingos will help spread a message of inclusion this Christmas; that people who have little contact with adults with disabilities, will see them and re-evaluate their views of what it means to have a disability. What a person with a disability CAN do. This would be the kind of gift that lasts beyond the holiday season.

And what an awesome gift that would be!

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