Art Rabble's Inspiration...Tazia Fawley

Our newest artist, Tazia Fawley, is quite a special addition to the Art Rabble line-up. Unbeknown to Tazia, she was actually the catalyst and inspiration for Art Rabble. I first came across Tazia’s painting, “Snowdonia” in 2017 and fell in love with the colours and light, as it fell across the snow topped mountains. Reading about the painting, I then learned that Tazia had Down’s Syndrome and, my interest piqued, I decided to seek out more of Tazia’s work. I found the colours electric; they seemed so vivid, brilliant even. I had never seen anything like it. Since then I have gone on to buy prints of Sunset & Flowers, as well as Raging River, keen to surround myself with these wonderful pieces. “Sunset & Flowers” is one of the most “liked” pieces I have posted on Facebook and knowing the artist makes it extra special and up-lifting for me, even on the greyest of days.

  snowdonia painting by tazia fawley. mountains are soft purple with sunlight a golden yellow

Tazia has enjoyed an impressive career as an artist. In 2013 she painted a piece called “Rupert flies over the suspension bridge” which she gave to Prince William and Kate Middleton upon the birth of their first child. The couple responded with great enthusiasm on receiving the gift and Tazia is very proud to think that her painting may have been enjoyed by the young Prince George.

sunset and flowers painting of cornall, sun setting. Colours are bright pinks, vibrant blues, gentle yellows. sun on the water is a shimmering rainbow of colour.

Now 52, Tazia tries to paint every day. However, the pandemic and the ill-health of family members, have limited her ability to socialise and participate in exhibitions as much as she once did. None the less, Tazia remains a wonderfully optimistic and gifted artist, continuing to dazzle and surprise with her artistic skill.

I am so proud to have Tazia as part of Art Rabble. She is an exemplar of how wonderfully an artist with a disability (just like an artist without a disability) can flourish when their talents are supported and enabled.

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