Art as a Christmas Gift. It'll Never Work. Or will it???

Despite the sceptical glances I get, I'm here to convince you that art is the sure-fire win the gifting world has too long over-looked. (I see your frown.) But I have a trick up my sleeve. It's simple, it's Art Rabble. It's not just a picture, not just a well co-ordinated piece of wall decor, it's a gift for good. We at Art Rabble are on a mission to celebrate the incredible talents of artists with disabilities; to rebuild confidence, reward hard-work & inspire a new way of seeing people with disabilities.

From downs syndrome to dyslexia, ADHD to autism, and many conditions besides, Art Rabble collaborates with artists who are under-estimated and overlooked. When you buy a framed print or a glorious notebook from Art Rabble, you're gifting a story, hope for a more inclusive future. Your recipient gets more than a decoration, albeit a very nice one, but also a piece of work which is a conversations starter, an optimistic nod to the skills we have, instead of the have-not's.

The breadth of the offering spans from whimsical paintings of flamingos to pen and ink sketches of international landmarks, muted skylines and vibrant seascapes. For every taste, for every room setting, Art Rabble have you covered. Every print tells the story of an artist, how they have struggled but also how they have flourished and become the artist you see today. They are stories of rising up, of celebration and pride. Who would not want something like this in their front room?!

So, next time someone gives you the side-eye for suggesting art as a gift, remember Art Rabble. It's not just a gift; it's a high-five to a disabled artist, rewriting the narrative around disability, one print at a time. #GiftsForGood #GiftsThatMatter

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