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Merry Christmas One and All, Greeting Card

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Kerry Barnes lives in Harlow, Essex, with her daughter Penny and dog Lottie.  Kerry came to art very late in life and is in her sixties now. Kerry struggles with Focal Dystonia, a neurological condition which affects both of her hands, causing problems with her co-ordination, nerve pain and tremors.

Picture of disabled artist, Kerry Barnes, looking in to the camera, smiling faintly. Short white hair, glasses, aged about 60 yrs.

Art is a great therapy for Kerry, and when the world is asleep, she turns to colour and pointillism. Whilst creating, she thinks of nothing else.

It is an honour to see my work amongst the fantastic artwork of the Art-Rabble artists.

These greetings cards are printed on high-quality 330gsm Fedrigoni card.