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Styracosaurus, Framed Canvas

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Seth is a member of the National Autistic Society art group, Artrack. He is inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy and, in Styracosaurus, has used natural materials to create texture and depth. This piece is made from bark, sand and acrylic paint. Dinosaurs are Seth's specialist subject and his enthusiasm for continuing to learn more about these prehistoric creatures is really infectious. He is rapidly convincing everyone at Artrack that Styracosaurus is the unsung hero of the period and one that should no longer be over-looked!  This, and Regaliceratops, would be wonderful additions to the bedroom wall of any young dinosaur enthusiast. 

Styracosaurus is a Giclee print onto a 38mm stretched canvas, this is then framed within a deep picture frame, with a 5mm space between the art and the frame. This gives a standout, floating effect. This is quite different to a standard canvas, a real show stopper. Get ready for many admiring comments from visitors to your home!