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Photograph of Ella Evenson, smiling into the camera as she sits in an art room. She wears a yellow top, has brown sholder length hair. Behind her are paintings and pictures tacked to the wall, paint brushes and pencils on the shelves. More about Ella Evenson

Magical Land

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Ella is an inspiring young artist. Ella has Mosaic Down's Syndrome but don't let stereotypes cloud your view of who Ella is. Ella is determined, driven and immensley talented. She is sees the world around her and wants to make a difference. She is a serial fundraiser for charitries, both local and international, always keen to use her artistsic skills to raise funds to help those in crisis or needing support. Big-hearted and big ideas, Ella is an artist worth her weight in gold. We are very lucky to have her.
Ella's mum explains how Magical Land was created.

"Ella started by mark making with oil pastels, then painted using paint brushes, adding layers by drying each layer with her heat tool.  In wet paint she scratched the paint with the end of the paint brush, printed using bubble wrap, pulled paint with a plastic card, and used stencils.  She finished off by dripping white paint down the painting."

Ella is delighted with the outcome of her painting, as are we! Magical and beguiling; artwork worth talking about. As a social enterprise our aim is to give as much as possible back to our artists, every three months our artists receive money direct to their bank accounts to save/ spend and enjoy. It is their money, they've earned. It's their choice.


This is an A4 giclée print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag (308gsm). This is one of the world’s most popular papers for art work, ensuring you will be able to enjoy Ella's work for years to come.