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ella evenson artist with disability downs syndrome More about Ella Evenson

Colourful Garden, Greeting Card

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Ella is an artist with Mosaic Down's Syndrome. At just 12 years old, Ella is the youngest artist at Art Rabble by a long way. However, we fell in love with Ella's passion for art & her determination to keep improving and refining her skills. Her pieces take considerable time to complete but Ella is committed to using her art to show people what she can do, to dispel limiting stereotypes of people with disabilities and shout about how wonderful her life is. With people like Ella around, the future is brighter and more inclusive for everyone. Go Ella!

Colourful Garden is painted with acrylics; Ella used brushes to create the backdrop and then layered a series of bold pinks on top, splattering wildly, to mimic the abandon of wild flowers. Ella enjoys this style of painting, the vibrancy and warmth it evokes, recalling memories of warm summer days.

These greetings cards are printed on high-quality 330gsm Fedrigoni card.