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Boats at Night, Framed Canvas

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Ella is an artist with Mosaic Down's Syndrome. At just 12 years old, Ella is the youngest artist at Art Rabble by a long way. However, we fell in love with Ella's passion for art & her determination to keep improving & refining her skills. Her pieces take considerable time to complete but Ella is committed to using her art to show people what she can do, to dispel limiting stereotypes of people with disabilities and shout about how wonderful her life is. With people like Ella around, the future is brighter & more inclusive for everyone. Go Ella!

Ella painted Boats at Night using acrylics; blending the sky & water as the horizon blurred into darkness.  She used a palette knife to create the boats on the water & a sponge to create the motion of the waves. Ella was inspired by a visit to Portugal, before the pandemic, when she had been on a boat. The rhythm and power of the sea, couple with the vast sky overhead, have a humbling effect, compelling us to pause and appreciate our small place in this very big, quite wonderful, world.

Boats at Night, is a Giclee print onto a 38mm stretched canvas, this is then framed within a deep picture frame, with a 5mm space between the art and the frame. This gives a standout, floating effect. This is quite different to a standard canvas, a real show stopper. Get ready for many admiring comments from visitors to your home!