Collection: Suzie Larke

Suzie is an internationally acclaimed artist. Since graduating with a degree in photography, Suzie has worked as a commercial and portrait photographer, carving out a place for herself in a challenging and competitive industry. Possibly surprisingly, Suzie has also struggled with depression. It is this experience which made her want to break the silence and challenge the stereotypes surrounding mental health.

"One of the problems with mental illness is that the symptoms are often not outwardly apparent. Through conceptual photography, [I] try to transform my own personal experiences of depression into something more tangible. To create images that  promote a greater understanding of the spectrum of experiences of depression. To challenge the cliché ‘head in hands’ image that is often used to depict depression by the media. To raise awareness and break through stigma."

Suzie's logic-defying images are created by digitally stitching photographs together to present a ‘magical realism’. Suzie's aim is a positive one; to unite everyone in the knowledge that we all go through – and can overcome – struggle.

Photograph of Disabled artist, Suzie Larke looking down into her camera. Her camera is on a tripod. Suzie looks very serious. Concentrating on what she is doing.photograph of disabled artist, suzie smiling at the camera. Suzie has blonde hair and a warm smile.